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Which Toys were Popular in the 1950s?

Kashmira Lad
Some of the interesting and popular toys that set new trends were seen in the 1950s. Here's a quick look at some of these toys, which are also one of the most sought-after collectibles even today.
You may recollect our obsession with toys during childhood, the overflowing closets and endless fights amongst siblings. While we wanted the latest toys, certain toys have been around for years that we may have failed to notice.
Sometimes, their charm from the olden era cannot be matched by anything. Have you often wondered which toys were popular in the 1950s? Take a look at the following list, and know some interesting fun facts about them.
This popular toy had many people make claims about its invention.
The early years were a little difficult for ardent skateboarders, since the early versions consisted only of wooden boxes with wheels attached. Today, it is more than a game; it's a passion for those who wish to master the finer nuances of skateboarding.
Ginny dolls were more than just dolls; they were the top favorite amongst toys. The Ginny doll was created by the founder of the Vogue Doll Company. It created a rage in the 1950s.
Ginny Dolls

Barbie Dolls

This fashionable doll, launched in 1959, holds a strong position among all kinds of dolls till date.
Although, there were plenty of controversies associated with the Barbie doll, its popularity soared with time. It has a complete range of outfits and accessories, and its own set of friends with new additions being incorporated every year.
Matchbox cars were also very popular. These toys were first introduced in 1952.
Matchbox Cars
Some of their early models had metal wheels; later on, plastic wheels were used. These cars truly became a rage with around 1 million models being produced every week by the 1960s.