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Weird Inventions That Will Leave You Amazed

Sonia Nair Mar 4, 2020
Looking for ways to cool the piping hot noodles in your bowl? Use a chopstick fan, which is nothing other than chopsticks with a small fan for cooling the food, while eating. Here is a brief compilation of such weird inventions.
The human history has always been dotted with inventions, some of which are really revolutionary. Most of us are familiar with legendary inventors, like Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, and Alfred Nobel. There are thousands of great inventions till date, and these are only a few.
While the term 'inventions' has always been associated with great inventors; there are some odd and weird inventions too. Have you ever heard of eye drop funnels, butter sticks, metal detecting sandals, umbrella tube, or pillow wigs.
Like great inventions, weird or wacky inventions are also numerous. While some of these have been patented and marketed, others fail to get noticed. The Japanese are versatile for such weird and crazy inventions, with a wide range of unusual inventions to their credit. The following are some of the strange inventions.

Car Capsule

Have you ever heard of a transparent bubble, inside which, your vehicle is protected from elements, like dirt, dust, fingerprints, and dents. If not, look for the car or bike capsule, which is a vinyl bubble, which protects your car or bike from corrosive elements.
According to the inventors, this protective cover is very strong, and if you drop anything heavy (up to 3 kilograms) on it, it will bounce off. It can resist abrasion, fire and mildew growth.
A high pressure fan attached to this system ensures that the vehicle is free of moisture. This car capsule can be definitely odd, but it can be considered beneficial, as you can leave your car inside this capsule, without any worry.

Anti-smoking Hat

Can you ever imagine a hat, that can prevent smoking. The answer lies in this weird invention called anti-smoking hat, which makes it impossible for a person to smoke, while wearing it. The mechanism behind the working of this hat is as follows. A small pressurized container with dense and non-toxic foam is attached to the inner side of the hat.
The brim of the hat has a spray nozzle, which is connected to the container and a sensor that detects heat or smoke. Whenever, the person who wears the hat, starts smoking; the sensor detects the smoke, and sends signal to release the foam. The cylinder sprays foam on the cigarette, thereby extinguishing it.

Metal Detecting Footwear

You might have heard of metal detectors, which are used for finding traces of metal in soil, sand, wood, etc. This tool is used for security checking and treasure hunting. Even food industries make use of metal detectors, for checking traces of metals in their packed foods.
If you are interested in using metal detectors, forget about the conventional ones, which are not easy to carry. You can go for metal detecting sandals, which can be worn, while you stroll. The metal detecting sandal looks like a regular sandal, but is attached to a small black box, which can be strapped around the leg.
The sandal, which is attached to the black box, has a built-in copper coil, which is powered by the battery in the box. This copper coil can detect presence of metal within a range of two feet and can intimate with a buzzing sound or by flashing lights. So, get a pair of this metal detecting sandals and go for treasure hunting.

Funnel Eyeglasses, Chopstick Fan, Butter Stick...

There are numerous weird Japanese inventions, and the following are some of them. We all use glue sticks for sticking paper or other things, but have you ever heard of a butter stick.
It is nothing, but a stick of butter inside a small cylindrical container; and this product resembles a glue stick in appearance. This wacky invention helps you to carry butter, as you carry glue in a glue stick; and you can apply butter, as if you apply glue.
The next one is funnel eyeglasses. How can you administer eye drops through funnels? It is possible, if you use the funnel eyeglasses invented by the Japanese inventor, Kenji Kawakami, who is famous for absurd and crazy inventions. These eyeglasses are attached with funnels, through which eye drops can be administered.
A chopstick fan is nothing but ordinary chopsticks attached with small fans, so as to cool the food. Other such inventions include head-mounted tissue dispensers for those suffering from cold; subway hat for relaxing your head, while traveling in subways; and umbrella tube, which is an umbrella, which has extensions to cover the whole body of the user.

Pillow Wig

This weird invention is meant for those, who long for a nap; but fail to sleep, as they need the comfort of their bed. It is not possible for such people to carry their bed and pillow to public places. So pillow wigs can be the perfect solution for them. It is a wig made of a pillow.
The user can wear it as a wig and enjoy it as a pillow too. According to the inventor (Joon Youn Park), this product enables the user to sleep or rest comfortably at any time or place.
While most of these weird inventions are considered funny or absurd; there are some, which are found to be useful. You can also add up to the list of these inventions by contributing some unique and strange invention of your own.