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Intriguing Facts About the Titanic

Buzzle Staff
On that fateful night of April 14th, 1912, the moon refused to shine and the water lay still. The Titanic went on, unable to see the iceberg that was responsible for its tragic accident on its maiden voyage.
"Sometimes we cannot control our destiny, it slips past like the sands of time."
This is what one can say about the unfortunate fate of all the people aboard the "RMS Titanic." A dinner party in a London mansion was where the plans of building three magnificent ships were devised. J. Bruce Ismay, managing officer of the White Star Line and Lord James Pirrie were responsible for the plan.
They planned to call the first and second ship Olympic and Titanic, respectively. Work began in earnest and the Titanic was built. It included amenities that were new to people. Within a short time and even before its first voyage, its size and magnificence quickly established it as a legend.

Facts About Titanic

☞ Around 2000 men were needed to build the Titanic.

☞ The Titanic was never christened, because White Star Line did not believe in such practices.

☞ The capacity of the Titanic included 3547 passengers + crew members.
☞ When loaded, the Titanic weighed 46,328 tons.

☞ The length of the Titanic was 882 feet 9 inches.

☞ There were 29 boilers on board of the ship, and the ship consumed 825 tons of coal in one day.
☞ The ship had the capacity to carry 64 lifeboats, but it was carrying only 20.

☞ The first-class passenger ticket for a parlor suite was $4,350 and $150 for a berth ticket.

☞ There was a heated swimming pool on the ship, the first for any sailing vessel.
☞ There was the facility of electrical lighting and heat available in every stateroom.

☞ 1,000 bottles of wine and 40,000 fresh eggs were taken aboard its maiden voyage.

☞ The Atlantic Daily Bulletin was printed every day on board the Titanic. It had news, advertisements, stock prices along with the day's menu.
☞ The ship was absolutely new when passengers boarded it on April 10th, 1912, so much so, that the paint was still wet in particular spots.

☞ Among the tree funnels (smoke stacks), only 3 were operational. The 4th one had been made to enhance the looks of the ship.
☞ The iceberg that the Titanic hit did not even reach as high as the bridge of the ship.

☞ The Titanic was traveling just .5 knots lower than her full capacity of 23 knots, while cruising the iceberg laden waters.
☞ Facts reveal that the Titanic had received information regarding the presence of ice floes in the vicinity. Despite that, it is said to have continued at full speed.

☞ The watertight compartments of the Titanic's hull, which were not actually watertight, added to the sinking of the ship.
☞ Unfortunately the ship was loaded with only 20 lifeboats, which were not enough for the capacity of people on board.

☞ The survivors of the Titanic were rescued by the Carpathia, which was 58 miles southwest of the Titanic when it received the distress call.
☞ There were 1523 people who perished in the sinking ship, out of these only about 300 bodies were recovered.

☞ Despite the Captain's instructions, which stated that women and children should board the lifeboat first, a number of men were reported as survivors.
☞ The Titanic lies at 12,600 feet at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. 

☞ The Titanic collided with the iceberg at 11:40 P.M. on April 14, 1912 and it took 2 hours and 40 minutes for the Titanic to sink completely after the collision.
☞ After 74 years, on July 14th, 1986, the wreck of the Titanic was discovered in the Atlantic Ocean.

☞ When it sank, the ship broke down in two pieces and there are currently 1,970 feet apart on the ocean bed.
Unfortunately only 31.6% people survived the accident, which could have been 53.4%, if all lifeboats were filled to capacity. On May 31, 2009 with the death of Millvina Dean, there are no living survivors of Titanic left.