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Most Useful and Creative Inventions

Cheryl Mascarenhas
Isn't it wonderful to have something that is literally out of the box, yet serves the purpose it is made for? I certainly would like to be showered with praise for creating something unique, wouldn't you like it too? This Story has some useful and creative inventions for you.
Imagine how boring life would be, if not for creative inventions. Most of you will agree when I say style matters, even if it is the most common object that we use.
From gramophones to iPads, we have certainly come a long way, and with tech-geeks always out to be innovative, one will never find a dearth of handy innovations. For all those of you with an insatiable thirst for innovative creation, we hope to satisfy your quest, even if it is momentary.

Creative and Useful Inventions

» Carpet Alarm Clock

Talk of the devil, that monstrous alarm that disturbs our sleep every morning and this one tops the list. No messing with this alarm clock as it gives you no other option than to wake up and get out of your bed to put it off.
Sounds an interesting catch if you are an early riser, but if you are among those who prefer beauty naps to any exercise, then this one's definitely not for you.

» Aerosleeper

What can be a more potentially dangerous and evidently hilarious scenario than someone sleeping with their mouth open? Picture this and stop laughing, honestly it's a serious matter, mind you.
Avoid neck sprains and pains especially after a long journey in flights and cars with this head holder. It is small and compact and is custom-built to fit all head sizes, you can sleep in peace without straining or bumping your head onto the window.

» Two-way Doors

Similar to the concept of swinging doors that are mostly used in restaurants and hotel kitchens, these doors can be opened in both directions. They require lesser space to open and are suitable for smaller apartments. Be wary though of banging into unsuspecting people, especially children standing behind these doors.

» Node Power Outlets

A very useful invention indeed, these power outlets allow plugging in of multiple adapters at a time. Convenient to use owing to its unique design, it outdoes the regular power outlets and sockets.
The good point in fixing one of these node point outlets is that you wouldn't need an extension cord for all those electrical appliances around your house.

» Rolling Bench

Sitting on a park bench especially after a downpour is a nightmare, and I bet most of you have had that awkward experience of rising to a wet bottom.
These benches can literally save you on a rainy day. They have a handle that can rotate the seat surface to expose a relatively clean side. Be careful though of pranksters who might turn the handle and land you into a puddle.

» Stairway Drawers

Stairways are generally considered a menace as it occupies a lot of space, but what about one that will serve its purpose and can also be used to store things. A pretty interesting concept, the stairway has built-in one push drawers into every step that can store your sandals and shoes without any hassles.

» Laser Guided Scissors

You will never ever go wrong again, when cutting paper, fabric or even your hair with these laser guided scissors. The laser light which works at the press of a button, aids you along a straight line thus giving it a perfect look. You can become adept at styling your own hair with this fabulous invention.

» Stairway Library

These stairways are custom-made to house your collection of books and magazines or even your favorite music CDs. This stylish stairway is an obvious must-have for those of you owning your own library. You can even use it to flaunt your collection of vases and memorabilia.

» Keyboard Muffler

Are you irritated with the clickety-clack of the keyboard especially at your workplace? If you are an employer, invest in these keyboard covers that work as both a dust cover as well as a muffler. Enjoy your work after the noisy keyboard tappers are invariably silenced.

» Pizza Scissors

Serving pizzas just got simplified with these easy-to-use scissors, all you've got to do is slide the scissors under the pizza and cut and serve. Simple as that, these scissors help you to serve the pizza without the additional mess of stringy cheese hanging all over the plate.

» Laser Bike Lane

What's the craze behind laser, it's all about the place, laser guns, laser pens, laser shows and now laser bike lanes? Yep, you got that right, laser bike lane is a device which beams defined lines onto the pavement thus, ensuring the safety of the rider especially at night.

» Transparent Toaster

Eating a burnt toast every other day can literally be a put off, the transparent toaster acts as a savior saving you from the distasteful burnt toast. The toaster is made up of see through walls that toast your slice to the right color, the best part is that you can turn it off when you feel it is done.

» Bed Sheet Tucker

Want your house to look like a hotel suite, with neatly tucked in bed sheets? Try the bed sheet tucker, a device that slides between the bedstand and the mattress and tucks the sheets neatly underneath. It's a boon to have one of these around, especially if you are a perfectionist.

» Pocket Chair

Say goodbye to cramps and pains especially when working in the garden for a long time. You can now carry your foldable, pocket chair with you, wherever you go. Take it along with you if you have to go for a long trip too, you can simply open it up and sit at ease.

» Expandable Seat

Imagine a seat that is made, keeping the working of an accordion in mind. The seat is made of honeycomb cardboard, which enables the seat to be stretched to accommodate around 16 people and when not in use, can be compressed to seat just one.
Though it is made of cardboard, the honeycomb cardboard feature gives it durability and stability to stretch up to 24 feet.

» Heel Protector

This one is dedicated for all you ladies out there, who love their pumps more than anything else in the world. The worst nightmare for a lady is to have the heel of her pumps stuck in the gaps of a drain lid, or have it sunk deep in mud.
Imagine the nightmare on your wedding day! This cap fits the heel of your stiletto snugly, ensuring your heel doesn't go deep into the lawn. It's a bit of dampener that you can't use your pumps to defend yourself though.

List Of Weird Inventions

Apart from the above useful inventions, there are also some weird inventions that are worth a mention, even if the idea behind them sounds absurd. If they do not seem to catch your interest, they might amuse you if nothing else.
✰ Chopstick Noodle Cooler
✰ Bottle Clip
✰ Ketchup Gun
✰ Zipper Earphones
✰ Coffee Top Caddy
✰ K-Wine Food Plate
✰ Infinite USB Plug
✰ Weight Watch Belt
✰ Ping Pong Door
✰ Chopstick Clips
With all these crazy inventions doing the rounds in stores, and many more creative heads boggling down with some more inventions, you and I are at the beck and call of technology.
Anyway, who doesn't like being pampered with geek stuff. You can consider purchasing a few of these creative inventions just for the fun of it, or simply to show off to your friends or use it as a mere commodity; the choice is yours and I leave it all to you.