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Famous Villains

Never think that villains only existed in movies, here, we will give you the names of some famous villains, who with their gruesome acts terrorized generations of mankind.
When you think about famous villains most of us directly think about silver screen bad guys who dominated and tried to beat up our favorite heroes namely Batman, Superman and Spider-Man.
But when you step into the real world there are more dangerous and psychotic villains who have committed some gruesome atrocities. With such cruel acts these real-life famous antagonists have left their mark on society and made a permanent place in history.

Famous Villains in History

Adolf Hitler (20 April 1889 - 30 April 1945)

Hitler will always remain the most famous dictator in history. Sure, he made Germany a powerful and developed nation, but he would always be remembered for the innumerable atrocities he committed against the Jewish population during his term as Chancellor.
Adolf Hitler was appointed the "Fuhrer" (Chancellor) of Germany in 1934 and he committed suicide in 1945 to avoid the capture from Red Army.
Why Hitler features on this list
Hitler considered Germans to be of a superior "Aryan Race" and considered other races to be a threat to the purity of Germans.

Because of his racial hatred against Jews, Hitler is considered responsible for the death of almost 20 million people, out of which 17 to 19 million were Jews and approximately 1 million were Romanis.

Genghis Khan (1162 - 1227)

The most famous leader in whole of Asia was born as Temujin. His father was a tribal leader and was killed when they were on the way to seek a bride for the young Temujin. To ensure that he is declared the leader of the tribe, Temujin killed his younger brother and many other opposing forces and came to known as "Genghis Khan".
He was one of the most feared individuals in Asia during his time. In his time he built one of the greatest empires in whole of Asia and is regarded as one of the most influential people in history.
Why Genghis Khan features on this list
He and his army of barbarians conquered most of Eurasia , killed, destroyed and burned everything that stood in their way.
They were known to burn down houses with men, women and children in it. The exact number of people killed in this thirst for hunger is still unknown, but is expected to run in millions. Experts believe that his army used to feast on human flesh which they believed kept them young and energetic.

Joseph Stalin (18th December 1929 - 5th March 1953)

Although, Stalin is depicted to be a "Man of Steel" and a "Towering Figure" of the Russian politics, he only stood 5'6. The infamous dictator of the U.S.S.R, Stalin crushed the Russian people with his repressive principles of communism.
He adopted the name "Man of Steel" and the term "Stalinism" which defined his cruel and oppressive rule. Joseph Stalin sent millions of soldiers to forced labor camps which resulted in deaths of millions.
Why Stalin features on this list
During World War II, the Soviet Union suffered the most causalties (around 40 million) but a higher number (25 to 30 million) were killed because of his political ideologies.
Despite being warned by the UK and USA of a possible German attack, Stalin didn't prepare his forces and a result Operation Barbarossa led to a loss of millions of his own people. Under the pretense of making the Soviet Union a super power, Stalin forcefully sent millions to forced labor camps and correctional facilities which led to their untimely deaths.

Idi Amin (1925 - 16th August 2003)

Considered one of the most ruthless dictators, Idi Amin was the President of Uganda from 1971-79. He started his military career as a cook but quickly rose through the ranks due to his shrewdness and cunning behavior. He was also the national boxing champion of Uganda from 1951 to 1960.
After Uganda gained independence from the British, Amin was promoted to the highest ranks of the Army and seized power in 1971 and declared himself the Supreme Leader in 1976. Due to his villainous tactics he was forced to leave Uganda and sought protection in Saudi Arabia.
Why Amin features on this list
He ordered the murder of citizens who opposed him and expelled more than 60,000 Asians from Uganda, which affected the country's economy very badly.
He filled up his own pockets with his country's wealth and was also an advocate of Islamic terrorism. He imposed hardships on civilians which led to the death of more than 400,000. He was personally involved in the Palestinian hijacking at Entebbe in July 1976.

Pol Pot (19 May 1925 - 15 April 1998)

Pol Pot aka Saloth Sar was a Maoist revolutionary, the leader of the Khmer Rouge who acted as the Prime Minister of Cambodia from 1976 to 1979. Pol Pot was a brilliant student and was given the opportunity to travel to Paris to study Radio Technology, but neglected his studies and became active in communist politics.
In 1975, Pol Pot seized control of Cambodia and plunged the economy into communism and abolished all the privileges that civilians enjoyed. Embassies were closed, foreigners were expelled, businesses closed, health care eliminated and Cambodia was erased from the world map.
Why Pot features on this list
Pot is responsible for the murder of more than 2 million civilians during his reign. He forced Cambodians to go work in farms and undertake rigorous labor tasks. In addition to the physical torture, problems such as poor health facilities, malnutrition and executions wiped out one-third of the country's total population.
Inhabitants were evacuated or executed and almost 3 million people perished due to these hardships. He gathered international notoriety for the labeling of intellectuals as traitors and executing them in mass numbers.

Famous Villains in Hollywood

Agent Smith - Hugo Weaving: The Matrix

The joker may only use a knife to murder people, but if a villain has super powers he could cause much more destruction. That was Agent Smith the main antagonist of the cult classic "The Matrix". Smith's highly inimitable voice and the hate which he had for humans puts him at #1 spot in my list of famous villains.
Many people say that the creators of the Matrix didn't do justice to Smith's character in the sequels of this film but nevertheless, we had Hugo Weaving making the character more cool every time we saw him.
Agent Smith's Says:
  • Never send a human to do a machine's job.
  • I believe that, as a species, human beings define their reality through suffering and misery.
  • Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You're a plague and we are the cure.

Scar - Jeremy Irons: The Lion King

Animated villains are often comic than serious in cartoon films. But no one could compare to Scar, the power thirsty lion who expresses his lust and hunger to be the King with his sarcastic and dry commentary.
His cold and ruthless plan of killing his brother and then being successful in making his own nephew feel responsible for this tragedy is termed as one of the most evil acts in animated history. Jeremy Irons won lots of praise and acclaim for portraying this character with such intensity.
Scar Says:
  • I was next in line until that furball came!
  • Why! If it isn't my big brother descending from on high to mingle with the commoners.
  • I'm *surrounded* by idiots.

Bill the Butcher - Daniel Day Lewis: Gangs of New York

Daniel Day Lewis has always been popular for making bad characters famous villains that the critics and audience both enjoy watching. If you people have seen Gangs of New York, then you must know what impact Daniel had on the movie.
Most villains show their true colors after some time but Bill the Butcher was a crazy maniac from the start. It was one of the few times that fans and critics agree on a point that Bill the Butcher saved the movie or made it a classic to remember.
Bill Says:
  • Everything you see belongs to me, to one degree or another. The beggars and newsboys and quick thieves here in Paradise, the sailor dives and gin mills and blind tigers on the waterfront, the anglers and amusers, the she-hes and the Chinks. Everybody owes, everybody pays. Because that's how you stand up against the rising of the tide.
  • I'm forty-seven... You know how I stayed alive this long? All these years? Fear. The spectacle of fearsome acts. Somebody steals from me, I cut off his hands. He offends me, I cut out his tongue. He rises against me, I cut off his head, stick it on a pike, raise it high up so all on the streets can see. That's what preserves the order of things. Fear.

Anton Chigurh - Javier Bardem: No Country for Old Men

Most of us agree that the Dark Knight's Joker was an unstoppable force of nature and he symbolizes anarchy and chaos. Now let's not forget Anton Chigurh also possessed the same characteristics, some call him even meaner than the Joker.
While Joker uses dynamite and bombs to prove his point, Anton uses simple weapons like oxygen tanks and other surrounding objects that lie around to kill his victim. Chigurh decides his victim's fate over a coin's toss. You can also debate that the Joker kills smartly sometimes with a plan, but Anton's just a scary serial killer.
Anton Says:
  • So this is what I'll offer - you bring me the money and I'll let her go. Otherwise she's accountable, same as you. That's the best deal you're gonna get. I won't tell you, you can save yourself, because you can't.
  • What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss?
  • People always say the same thing.

John Doe - Kevin Spacey: Se7en

We all have a normal idea that villains only hurt the good guys and the guys who are against the villain. Meet John Doe, the ultimate hater of all those who delve in sin.
The gruesome punishments that are given to Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman in Se7en puts John Doe in this famous villains list. In the end of the film when Kevin Spacey finally shows his true colors, gives se7en one of the best film endings of all time.
John Says:
  • It's more comfortable for you to label me as insane.
  • Realize detective, the only reason that I'm here right now is that I wanted to be.
  • It seems that envy is my sin.